MUC OFF Indoor Taining Kit

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  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT: The Muc-Off Indoor Training Kit is the perfect gift for any bike fanatic. We’ve bundled together a selection of our best products to keep your indoor trainer, and you, running at peak performance.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL POWER: Our Equipment Cleaner is made up of a QUAT-based formula kills 99.99% of bacteria so that you can banish germs from your pain cave. There’s no need to rinse off the cleaner. Simply spray on to the surface of your equipment and wipe off – no sweat!
  • ANTI-CORROSION POWER: The unique formula in Muc-Off Sweat Protect provides the ultimate anti-corrosion protection for all of your indoor training equipment by penetrating deep to prevent rust build-up. An application of Sweat Protect offers up to three months of protection so that you can go harder in the pain cave for longer, without fear.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL EQUIPMENT: The Equipment Cleaner and Sweat Protect can be used on all surfaces – including aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and carbon. Whether you rack up the miles on a turbo trainer or choose to pound the treadmill, the kit provides the perfect protection for all of your indoor training and gym equipment.
  • Features:
    • Sweat Protect 300ml
    • Antibacterial Equipment Cleaner 500ml
    • Luxury Chamois Cream 100ml
    • 1x Microfibre Cloth